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Afternoon Mirror: Guess Who Made The Cover Of TIME?

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Quote of the Day:

“Hey, I don’t like Trump, either. But I’ve never threatened to burn his supporters in violent protest.”

Emily Zanotti, HeatStreet, a right-leaning outlet. 



The Observer 

“The pace of completely off-the-wall stuff happening is now down to about once an hour.” — Rosie Gray, The Atlantic.


“Sitting in bed eating funfetti cake directly out of the pan is self-care.” — Emma Roller, former NYT opinion writer.

Is President Trump playing Risk?

“It appears our President has [draws card from Risk] threatened to invade Mexico & pointlessly insulted [throws dart at map] Australia.” — Jason Gilbert, humor writer.

Journo Love

“Good luck to my friends on the Dangerous Faggot Tour!” — Patrick Howley, former Breitbart News reporter.

Benny Johnson on the media missing his Gorsuch scoop 

“You & everyone else man. Don’t worry about it.”

IJR Creative Director Benny Johnson in response to this tweet by Politico‘s Zach Montellaro: “I totally missed @bennyjohnson’s Gorsuch scoop on @TheIJR. @Hadas_Gold on what could be a change in the media guard.” Politico‘s Gold wrote a really overstated piece on IJR. Read that here. Find out why there is a bee in Benny’s bonnet. Yes, they got the scoop on Neil Gorsuch, Trump’s new Supreme Court nominee. But please don’t take the piece too seriously.

Brian Stelter tries to be funny 

“Watching cable news before bed?” — CNN media host Brian Stelter in response to this Trump tweet:


Ron Fournier gets attacked for asking WWJD

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough: “Churches that act like political organizations should be taxed.”

Crain’s Ron Fournier: “WWJD Dude was political.”

Conservative marital artist GadsdenJazz: Actually, Jesus was apolitical. & “Dude”? Your casual slight to the religion of hundreds of millions is not missed.

Ron Fournier: I believe Christ is my savior. And I call him dude.

GadsdenJazz: Whatever. I’d opt for a little more respect, but your soul is yours.Hope you have a good encounter with him when you meet him.

Mother Jones journo hilariously (and stupidly) gets crap for having a blue checkmark on Twitter 

Ben Dreyfuss: “Remember when milo yanalalopoliss [sic] asked Obama’s press secretary why twitter took his blue checkmark?”

HeyMister (apparently a nobody): “Easy for you to say, guy who takes his little blue checkmark for granted because he’s so alternative twitter bourgeois. JK, I know that checkmark is just part of the burden you bear because of that time your father was in that movie and Hollywood.”

(Dreyfuss’s father is YOU KNOW WHO.)

Ben Dreyfuss: “I got my blue check mark because i’m a magazine editor. you may have noticed that they verify journalists.”

HeyMister: “Allegedly. Sounds like a whole lot of “alternative facts” if youknowwhatImean wink wink nudge nudge. Let me know if you have a connect on the inside (@jack ?) bec I’ve got a crisp benjamin for whoever can get me a blue checkmark.”

There’s a new sheriff in town and it’s not Trump 



Why is Gizmodo‘s Ashley Feinberg a monster today? 

Jeffrey Young works for HuffPost. 



Milo Yiannopoulos appearance wrecks havoc at Berkeley 

Nanette Asmiov works for the San Francisco Chronicle.