Gorsuch And Sessions: Sensational

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David Krayden Ottawa Bureau Chief
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The headline says it all.

It’s almost too much euphoria for a conservative heart to absorb.

On Tuesday, President Donald Trump appointed Judge Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court.

On Wednesday, Sen. Jefferson Sessions was confirmed by a Senate committee as Trump’s pick for attorney general.  Sure, some geriatric lefty had to dampen the joy of the moment by going berserk, but you have to expect these things.

My goodness, they couldn’t be better choices:  intelligence, grit, conviction backbone, and commitment to no-nonsense policies.

Do you remember the NeverTrumper’s Serenade?   No it was never a hit, but it did find a niche with defeatist Republicans who wanted to keep playing the Capitol Hill game.  The words went something like this:  Trump is not a real conservative; Vote for Jeb and exercise your prerogative.

If Trump’s choices for the court and attorney general was his sole act as president, he would still be more worthy of the title conservative than the establishment Republicans who fought so long and underhandedly to keep Trump as far away from the White House as possible.

I know my friend Tony Perkins at the Family Research Council can barely contain his enthusiasm today.  There were some weak-kneed evangelicals who didn’t want to support Trump because of all the scandalous accusations that the Democrats had suggested, manufactured and resurrected during the campaign.  Some thought he wasn’t a model Christian gentleman.

But Tony had it right.  I remember talking to him over the WikiLeaks revelations that John Podesta and Clinton’s inner circle had very little time or respect for conservative Catholics or evangelicals – essentially writing them off as deluded fanatics who kept getting in the way of progress.  I asked him why he was so staunchly supporting  Trump for president and didn’t saying so.  His reply:  it was all about Trump’s promise to appoint a conservative judge to the SCOTUS – and that should be enough for evangelicals to consider because they knew what they would be getting if Clinton won the election:  more far-left social re-engineering.

Well Trump kept that promise – just like he seems to be keeping all of his other promises, no matter what the push-back or hysteria from the left.  Hell, the media called him a racist demagogue all through the campaign, so I’m sure he’s used to it by now.  But whereas most career politicians might be able to deliver a pizza – Trump is delivering the goods.

I know that we have become accustomed to the political class routinely grinding their election pledges into dust as a part of the febrile system that has slowly driven our expectations for government into a civics lesson progressively lower.  But Trump really does seem to be a man who never learnt that toxic political lesson.  So perhaps that explains the shock and outrage from the Left each time Trump announces that he is going to fulfill a policy that he announced during the campaign.  You mean he was serious?

The left’s response to this new reality is the very definition of denial as they somehow pretend that this all isn’t happening or that they can prevent it from happening through anarchy in the streets or madness in Congress.

Sorry, folks.  Time to smell the coffee.  Time to wake up.  With Trump, you never know what’s going to happen any given week, but you can bet there will be more reasons for that resilient and enduring silent majority to believe that sanity has returned to America.

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