Strap In For A New Era Of Media Hate For The Military

REUTERS/Lucas Jackson.

William Jurs Freelance Writer
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After a couple decades of culturally ingrained abuse of military personnel, normalized back during Vietnam when the American media establishment went to war with Nixon, something shifted, and suddenly, beginning in the 1990s, it was again noble to be a soldier.

For the media establishment and some of its rogue intelligence community, war is either good or bad depending on who is president and who gets killed.

Dropping bombs on Serbians that maim and scar children is a heroic deed when carried out by NATO forces under the rapist and perjurer President Bill Clinton. Starving half a million Iraqi children under Madeline Albright’s reign in State via a trade embargo is “worth it” and a very judicious use of diplomacy.

Sending paramilitary forces against a small religious community with cameras rolling, and burning dozens of children alive is noble if they belong to the wrong church. Collateral damage is all it is, and the fault of the parents, anyway.

When George W. Bush marched us off to war in Iraq, the establishment media closed ranks around him, parroting lies about Weapons of Mass Destruction and echoing the party line of bringing democracy to the benighted states of middle east.

American military personnel were heroic figures again in film and television in the 00s. No more spitting on baby killers, because Bush’s destructive wars were part of the elite agenda at the time, and why let a good war go to waste? It might have turned out differently.

All the dead Iraqis were nothing to shed tears over, anymore than the Christian Syrians losing their heads are now, to the allies of the American establishment and some of its rogue intelligence wing.

But all that will change now. Trump is President. Trump is the enemy. Trump’s military is evil, fascist, brutal. The media will begin to spotlight all victims of US raids and operations against ISIS and radical Islam, our establishment’s little covert pets. The face of a little girl dead in the recent raid is being plastered all over the alt-left media now.

Our rogue intelligence operatives don’t want to see their Radical Islamists, groomed over decades, to be killed by Trump’s blitz. Therefore war is now brutal and evil again, and the establishment, bloodthirsty for two decades, has gone pacifist. Soon they will don flowers in their hair rather than drones in the air.

Hippies singing in the streets of peace are surely not far off, scrounged up by Soros and Co. (But not peace toward Russia.)

The script is flipped, and instead of Russia being the global hero, she is the nationalist villain and trumpeter of Trump. So runs the narrative of an establishment in absolute panic that peace may break out among the superpowers, and surgically precise strikes will eradicate the forces of the horribly-conceived alliance between US intelligence and radical Sunni Islam that goes back at least to Carter and was then, as now, directed against Russia.

Expect to see more faces of dead kids killed in US operations, even though you never saw much of that for twenty years. Trump is the enemy; therefore his troops are the enemy. War again is hell.

Expect the music and film industry to get in on the act, and make pacifism the theme again. Of course, the war will probably be over so quickly that the usual suspects won’t have much time to maneuver before we’re at peace. And Trump will have outmaneuvered them, again.

As his moves and appointees are checked and blocked, remember that Trump is an executive who can ably run the federal government out of the white House if he has to and is forced to.

If Supreme court seats are vacated, the court will go on with fewer justices if the congress refuses to approve Trump’s picks.

Expect Trump’s White House to become somewhat isolated by the efforts of the legacy media and rogue intelligence operatives, with outside allies like George Soros and the SJW foot-soldiers of BLM, pussy-hats and such like. Paid AstroTurf and lumpen proletariat agitators.

But don’t expect Trump to back down a bit. Strap in for an interesting ride, for we are about to be witnessing interesting times again, of social division.

Fortunately, the cultural power of mainstream media, music, celebrity, and press has collapsed in the past two decades, due to their lies and blunders, and the attempt to stir up a new counter culture will only result in a hardening of battle lines.

The ersatz counter culture will be met, outmatched and checkmated by an actual rising counter-culture: the real American culture that agrees with Trump and not The New York Times.