Donald Trump Jr Tweaks The Media With Hilarious Super Bowl Tweet

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Derek Hunter Contributor
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Like tens of millions of Americans, Donald Trump Jr. watched the New England Patriots execute the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history. He also took the occasion to tweak the media that had declared the Patriots all but dead when the Atlanta Falcons took a seemingly insurmountable lead before halftime.

When the Patriots made their historic comeback, Don Jr. went back through the Wall Street Journal’s tweets to find when they’d tweeted, “The Falcons now have a 91.6% chance of winning Super Bowl LI.”

Trump added, “Where have I seen stats like this before?”

In the days before the election, and even on Election Day, major media outlets gave President Donald Trump little to no chance of victory. Like the Patriots, Trump won the election.

As if the drive the point home, Don Jr. later tweeted a screen capture of his original tweet.