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Glenn Beck’s Answer To ISIS And Being Called Fat: ‘Love And Light’

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Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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The Blaze‘s Glenn Beck takes his commandments seriously.

The #NeverTrumper fully believes in “Thou shall love thy neighbor as thyself.”

These days he’s taking his guiding life principle to an extreme, saying that we must love ISIS.


Perhaps the most intellectual response comes from Dave (@dstol80) who replied, “???? Damn bro. When they play soccer with our heads can we still love them?”

When another follower urged Beck to get his spine back, Beck said, “My spine is stronger every day. You do not defeat evil with evil or hate with hate. Only light and love defeat, hatred, evil and error.#love.”

So in essence — love trumps hate. Except when it comes to President Trump.

Beck’s principle falls apart a little when it is applied to our new president, a person he calls “dangerously unhinged.” The conservative radio host has two bodyguards and worries “all the time,” according to a February 6 story by early Trump hater McKay Coppins, who writes for The Atlantic.

And then came the real test: In the past 24 hours, a follower called Beck fat and mocked his sweater.

Maurice Haberdasher (@jedditeFTW) wrote, “Yeah, okay chubby — you try waiving that Christmas Sweater at the Berkeley mob and let us know how it goes for you, @glennbeck.”

True to his word, Beck tried to appeal to Maurice’s heart. “What has happened to you M? Mocking my weight? Okay, easy. I get it. But the Xmas Sweater? I am sorry if I hurt you.”

The Christmas sweater is truly a fashion disaster with angels swimming on his chest.



Here he is responding to a burning limousine:


Beck’s guiding principle could well be rewritten: “Love thy neighbor, but keep your bodyguards close.”