Duterte Challenges Hundreds Of Crooked Cops To Duels In Furious Rant

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The easily-provoked president of the Philippines unleashed his fury Tuesday in a foul-mouthed tirade directed at corrupt cops.

Speaking on national television, President Rodrigo Duterte issued a harsh, profanity-laden condemnation of the Philippine National Police force. “Are you angry at me? Wait until I finish my term as President. Let’s have a gunfight. Damn you!” the 71-year-old Duterte said, outraged.

“Don’t dare me to a gunfight because I will not back down, you sons of bitches,” he explained, “Wait for me. Six years from now we will see each other again.”

The PNP has come under fire for its involvement in extrajudicial killings in the president’s war on drugs. For months, Duterte defended the police, but he is now purging the police following the revelation that the police were involved in the wrongful murder of a South Korean national.

“You give that power back to me again, I’ll execute them, make them curtains. I’ll hang them in one day,” Duterte said previously, “You sons of bitches, you policemen. You will suffer. I can maybe send your heads to South Korea.”

He has tasked the Armed Forces of the Philippines with targeting corrupt cops.

“I will not think twice. You will be the next victims of extrajudicial killings. That’s true,” he warned Tuesday.

Gathered at the presidential palace, 228 police officers stood in the afternoon heat in squad formation as the president threatened and berated them.

“You sons of bitches! The government is just wasting the people’s money for your salaries,” Duterte explained.

“I know the culture of the police. Two out of five policemen have two wives. That’s your problem. When you are in uniform, have your gun and your badge, you act as if you’re somebody. You think highly of yourselves,” he added.

“You remain standing there. Wait for me because I will speak to you again later. You sons of bitches. If I see somebody relaxing, I will kick you. Try me,” the president concluded.

Duterte said that he will send corrupt cops to the extremist-ridden southern Philippines, specifically Basilan, home to the notorious Abu Sayaff Group.

“I will send you to Basilan, live there for 2 years. If you get out alive, you can return here. If you die there, I will tell the police not to spend anything to bring you back here but to bury you there,” he explained.

He said that anyone who did not want to go could quit the force.

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