Professor’s Op-Ed: Blacks Are Justified In Hating Whites

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Justin Caruso Contributor
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A college professor writes in an op-ed that he doesn’t blame blacks for being prejudiced against whites and that people mad at Obama were really just mad that “there’s an N-word in the White House.”

In the column, entitled “Confronting white power in Black History Month,” Donard Dwyer, a professor and self-proclaimed “social justice advocate” at LSU Health Shreveport, writes, “Of course, blacks can be prejudiced against whites too. I don’t blame them. We enslaved them for over 200 years and were lynching them as recently as 50 years ago.”

He added, “We’re still trying to deny their voting rights. Despite this horrific treatment, the angriest people on television today aren’t black, but upper-class white men. They already have everything and still want more.”

Dwyer recalls an incident he had on a “nearly all-white beach,” writing, “When Obama was re-elected, we were at a nearly all-white beach in Florida and we overheard people say, ‘I want my America back.’ Being white, we knew the code, we could decipher this language – there’s an N-word in the White House.”

Finally, Dwyer writes that even if white people say things like “I had a black friend in college,” or that they admire Ben Carson, they can still, deep down, think they are ethnically superior.

Progressives seem to be increasingly making excuses for racism directed against whites. At a recent protest in Seattle, a demonstrator took to the megaphone to assert, “White people, give your fucking money, your fucking house, your fucking property, we need it fucking all.”

And in another incident, a black lawyer wrote that any crime against a white man should go unpunished, including murder and rape. (RELATED: Don’t Punish Anyone Who Kills, Assaults, Or Robs White Men, Editorial Argues)

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