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The Ladies Of ‘The View’ Clash Over Trump’s Lies


Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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The women of ABC’s “The View” worked themselves up into a lather of angst Wednesday while discussing President Trump‘s most recent lies concerning the U.S. murder rate and media coverage of terrorist attacks.

“I want to go on Twitter and go ‘hashtag all lies matter,'” said cohost Joy Behar, who has never tried to quell her loathing of Trump.




Behar brought up her grandson, who she says has to eat his vegetables and not lie. “My grandson said, if he’s such a bad guy how come they put him in there?”

And then she said it: the p-word. Not Trump’s p-word. The other p-word.

“Didn’t they impeach President Clinton for perjury?” asked cohost Sunny Hostin, who is also an ABC legal analyst.

And then, almost gleefully, Behar announced, “If they catch Trump lying under oath they can impeach him for perjury.”

Whoopi Goldberg, who got into a variety of tangles with Trump during the presidential race, was off today, so country singer Reba McEntire filled in.

“I am not a liar,” she said in her familiar twang. “I can’t remember what I said if I lied so I have to keep the truth going.”

Cohost Sarah Haines spoke about her husband and how hard it is to watch the news with him. She gets worked up. He doesn’t. She wants him to get as upset as she does about our new prez. “We live in a time right now where misinformation is my greatest fear,” she said. …We have to check everything with three sources. …That is a very scary thing for me.”

Jedediah Bila, who formerly worked for Fox News’s “Outnumbered” program, tried to give her female cohosts a wakeup call.

“Every White House does this,” she argued. “President Obama surrogates [and President Obama] got on TV and said if you like your plan you can keep you plan,” she said referring to The Affordable Care Act. “That was a total lie. …All I’m saying is they all lie.”

They weren’t having it. At this point the other women went crazy and began yelling over her.

“YES THEY DO,” Bila shouted through the bickering.

Behar pointed a finger across the table at Bila and snapped, “He thought it was true at the time Jedediah.” She was arguing that Obama believed what he was saying about The Affordable Care Act and therefore acceptable.

Ultimately Behar waved her off with her hand as if to say ‘forget it, forget you.’

Bila held strong. “They all lie. …I’m not saying he’s not a liar. He lies.”

Time to break for a commercial.