Alleged Cheating Husband Claims Uber’s Technology Snitched On Him

Eric Lieberman | Associate Editor

A French businessman is suing Uber for $45 million after a bug in the company’s technology allegedly provided his wife information on his trips, leading her to suspect he was having adulterous affairs.

The husband, who is from Côte d’Azur in the south of France, claims a glitch in the Uber app caused it to send details of his drives to his wife, which ultimately led to a divorce, according to the French outlet The Local, which references French newspaper Le Figaro as its source.

The man claims that he used his wife’s device at one point to access his account, but well after he logged out, the app kept sending notifications to his wife’s handset, like pick up locations, destinations and times. (RELATED: Uber Is Tracking Your Location Even After The Ride Is Over)

Eventually, the wife used the data as evidence that her husband was cheating on her and filed for divorce. The husband blames Uber (not his alleged philandering) for the relationship going sour and the subsequent divorce.

The supposed technical error only seems to affect the iPhone operating system, and not Android users, according to The Local.

The first stages of the legal proceedings are expected next month.

Uber has been criticized for allegedly intrusive design before. A former employee filed a lawsuit against the ride-sharing service for illegally deleting data, while also accusing the company of unnecessarily tracking high-profile celebrities, politicians, and former boyfriends and girlfriends.

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