This Deal On Bluetooth Headphones Will Remind You How Much You Need Bluetooth Headphones

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Do you need a pair of headphones? You might. Specifically, do you need a pair of bluetooth headphones? You might! If you do, in fact, need a pair of headphones that are wireless, then I might suggest this pair from Biasound. These stereo headphones uses powerful Bluetooth 4.1 technology and CVC noise isolation technology. As magnets, they also fasten together when not in use – a helpful trait to keep you from losing them. (This is always a problem I have with bluetooth headphones). Another ridiculous fact: their long battery life means they can last for 300 hours of standby time. That’s almost two weeks!

Also, they are 67 percent off.

Normally $55, this pair of headphones is 67 percent off (Photo via Amazon)

Normally $55, this pair of headphones is 67 percent off (Photo via Amazon)

Biasound Bluetooth Headphones, Bluetooth 4.1 Wireless Headphones Magnetic Earbuds Stereo Headphones, Perfect Fit for Sports with Built-in Microphones on sale for $17.99

A full 80 percent of customers have given these headphones a perfect 5-star review. Take a look at these:

Mic wrote:

Was wondering if the earbud can stay in place while doing exercises, which I have been trying so many different brands and disappointed. For Bia, I m surprised it didn’t come off at all even when I jogged. I especially like the idea of sleeping mode while the earbud stick together by magnet, so convenient and save battery.
I like the packaging, basic but practical, feel like the brand didn’t spend too much money on fancy packing but more input on product itself. Absolutely value for money!

Milo wrote:

I researched long and hard just to find wireless headphones and ended up with these little beauties. I couldn’t even find “Biasound or Miler headphones online anywhere. These headphones are not only beautiful, they sound amazing too with some deep level bass and some great sounding treble highs. I have a pair of Bose wired noise cancelling headphones and I have to say…they sound just as great. I don’t write reviews for anything unless I love it. And I love these headphones. You do have to play with the ear bud pieces to get the right fit, but you can mix them up to make sure they fit snugly in your ear. Oh, and one thing more. The instructions are written with the smallest letters ever…or I need to get my eyes checked. But did I say, “I love them”? I do. Very happy indeed.

Bruce wrote:

This is an great high quality headset. It’s superb when properly fitted. They come with 3 different size ear retainers and 3 different size ear seals. You will find when you have them properly fitted when the combination you use causes ambient noise to drop off dramatically after inserting into your ear. The retainers are soft, and unique designed to really hold in the transducers snuggly yet comfortably. I feel like they would never fall out. I put these on for 5 hours at a stretch with no ‘ear fatigue’ like I get with other headsets. Battery life is also excellent, I took these on for a trip that included a 3 hour riding and 2 hours excising on the first charge before the low signal warned me of low battery. I continued to wear them till they shut down the audio. They recharged completely in less than 1 hours good for another 5 hours or so of audio. The 3 buttons (multi-function and volume up and volume down) all worked flawlessly with the microphone on the backside. I would definitely buy another set.

Michelle wrote:

Quick delivery, excellent product and quality of noise! Excellent wireless Bluetooth earbug out of other ones that I tried in the past, and great battery life for its size and value. Highly recommended!

That’s just a handful. These are all verified purchasers who love the product. And look: not spending $55 or $100 on bluetooth headphones is a huge coup. These could be mediocre headphones and still be a great deal for a paltry $17. But they are way better than mediocre, which puts them squarely in must-buy category.

The headphones are suiting this guy well (Photo via Amazon)

The headphones are suiting this guy well (Photo via Amazon)

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