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Yahoo! News White House Reporter Is Moving To Washington. So He Mocked Trump For Laughs.

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Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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What kind of a person releases a public statement to say that he’s moving?

A reporter moving to Washington. That’s who.

Yahoo! News‘s national correspondent Hunter Walker is leaving Brooklyn and moving to Washington.

And yes — he did just that. In a public announcement on Facebook, Walker — a pal to the disgraced ex-Rep. Anthony Weiner — channeled his best Donald Trump impersonation to tell everyone that he’s coming here to help drain the swamp.

Somehow I don’t think the White House is going to appreciate it.

But PLEASE let him be the White House pooler more. Because his pool reports are truly oinkalicious and full of lard. In the Wikileaks dump, he gushed over Hillary Clinton‘s Campaign Chairman John Podesta. The campaign labeled him “a friendly” reporter.

See the letter below:

Many people are asking me if [Mrs. Walker] and I are moving to Washington.

Look at this. So many people are reading my note. The dishonest media will probably say that no one even looked at this, but here you are. You’re fantastic. Such incredible, beautiful Facebook friends.

The people in New York– I’ve met them, they’re great people. These New Yorkers say to me, ‘We don’t win any more! We’re losing people to China. People are moving to Mexico. They’re killing us!’ It’s true. It’s true. People don’t stay in New York any more.

Well, Gloria and I are leaving New York too. Sad!

The losers and the haters will say we shouldn’t leave the city, but don’t worry. It’s what we do. We fix things. We alone can fix this.

For too long the people in Washington — our leaders — have been a disgrace. Not any more. We need smart leaders. Gloria and I are the best at comprehending things. OK? We are going to go down to Washington and drain the swamp.
When we’re done, you’re going to be so tired of winning you’ll say, “Please! Hunter and Gloria! We don’t want to win any more.” Believe me.

There’s such a good spirit in the country right now. Such a beautiful spirit. And so many people are saying it’s because Gloria and I are moving to Washington.

Remember when they said we wouldn’t move to Washington? They said, “Oh, no, Jeb Bush will move to Washington.’ Low energy Jeb! Well, he’s gone and we did it.

It’s not just moving, it’s a movement.

We are going to Washington so quickly and so strongly. We will be there March 1st.
The housing in Washington is just tremendous. Really incredible apartment stock. If any of you people — such great people, my people — look at this guy over there! I love this guy! If you know about great real estate in DC tell us!

We don’t make deals any more, but we are going to make deals again. We are going to make our apartment great again.
Believe me.