Lauren Southern Is Done With The Word ‘Fascist’ [VIDEO]

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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Media personality and darling of the university conservative circuit Lauren Southern released a video for “The Rebel” Friday, in which she took both the political left and right to task for overusing a certain “f-word” in their rhetoric.


“You’ve got Antifa [anti-fascists] running around beating the crap out of people…in the name of anti-fascism. Then you’ve got the right calling Antifa the real fascists, and the media calling Trump a fascist, and viewers of the media calling the media fascist. Democrats are the real fascists. Republicans are the real fascists, and basically everyone is Hitler,” she complained.

“The reality is, we’ve all been using the word wrong…both the left and the right throw the word around to essentially refer to anyone they don’t like,” Southern continued. “A bunch of old Italian philosophers are crying over a bottle of wine as we justify our misuse of their ideology.”

Southern next charted the development of the historical concept of “fascism” through such thinkers as Thomas Carlyle and Friedrich Neitzche that bares little relationship to the oft-cited horrors of Hitler’s Germany, let alone the schoolroom insult to which the word has devolved today.

“I’ve thrown the word fascist around at my political opponents because they pissed me off and because I saw them as the real authoritarians,” she admitted. “I think it’s time for us to retire the word ‘fascist’ for name calling.”