Terror On American Soil

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Dustin Hodges Freelance Writer
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Since the inception of President Trump’s Executive Order on immigration, the media, across every political spectrum, has been filled with the phrase:  

Not a single refugee from these seven nations has committed any acts of terror.’  

This is a continued lie which major media outlets have been perpetrating against the American public for years.  Not only have terror attacks occurred, the amount of terror attacks and terror supporting activity on American soil is astounding.  

With only a few hours spent online, a search through regional media outlets’ online video archives, the amount of terror related arrests on American soil quickly adds to well beyond a few dozen.   Why is none of this covered by the national media?  Why are media outlets, on both sides of the political spectrum, espousing the false claim of no terror activity?   Even Judge Robart of the 9th District Court made this claim in his emotional-filled decision to halt the Executive order.   How is this possible? 

The media, the ‘experts,’ and the government are stating numbers from official government reports.  This is where the deception begins, as the U.S. immigration department has dozens of ways to classify people moving into the United States.  What every normal American would consider to be a refugee, may actually be considered an Iraqi / Afghan translator and Interpreter ImmigrantTemporary Protected Status Immigrant, or possibly a Diversity Immigrant. 

Regardless of how the government wants to categorize the immigrants entering this nation, here is a sampling of those who have been involved in-terror related activity on U.S. soil.

2012 — Abdullatif Ali Aldosary, Iraqi national

  • Detonated bomb at Social Security office in AZ  

 2014 — Mohamed Osman Mohamud, Somali national 

  • Given U.S. citizenship 
  • Serving 30 years for attempt to blow up Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony  

 2015 — Abdinassar Mohamud Ibrahim, Somali national  

  • Serving 15 years federal prison for financial support of ISIS

2016 — Abdul Razak Ali Artan, Somali national  

  • Ohio State student attacked crowd with car and then knife.  

To save time and all of our minds, let us shift to immigrants-turned-citizens who have turned against the U.S. and joined the fight with ISIS or affiliates.   I will limit this to just one, one of the world’s “most wanted terrorists”:  

Liban Haji Mohamed, Somali national 

  • Given U.S. citizenship 
  • Recruited, fundraised, and joined ISIS   

  • Currently FBI and Interpol “Most Wanted Terrorist”  

  • Has U.S. Passport valid through May 2018 

The amount of terror continues to grow, yet Law Enforcement at all levels gets better every day at stopping terror before it happens.   Only the bad events make the front page, the thwarted attacks are rarely covered.  Here are a just a few of the attacks which could have been.  

2015 — Yemeni national , Female 

  • Swore allegiance to ISIS 

  • Plan to detonate propane tank bomb in NYC

2015 — Syrian national

  • Plan to kill 3 or 4 American soldiers on base in Texas “execution style”

2015 — Iraqi national

  • Given U.S. citizenship 
  • Lied to federal agents about allegiance to ISIS / travel to Syria  

2014 — Yemeni national

  • Given U.S. citizenship 
  • Attempted to illegally buy firearms to shoot American military personnel on US soil

Now, there are other nations in which the global war on terror has issues; Bosnia, Uzbekistan, Kenya and others for example. A large majority of immigrants are not terrorists, however, there is no shred of doubt there are issues with the nations outlined in the Executive order. America needs to do something to keep its citizens safe.  The lawyers can argue the legal and constitutional merits of the order, and hopefully the judges do not let emotion and feelings get in the way of sound judgement, but do not let the news media tell you that every immigrant loves America.   

Dustin Hodges spent 15 years in restaurant management before returning to higher education to study politics and policy at Liberty University’s Helms School of Government. Hailing from the great state of Tennessee, Dustin relocated to Arlington, Virginia to become another in a long line of Leadership Institute alumni in the D.C. area. Dustin is an advocate for Free Speech, an admirer of Jefferson, Goldwater, and Reagan, and a proud American.