Scott Greer Talks ‘No Campus For White Men’ On ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ [VIDEO]

Ian Mason Contributor
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Scott Greer, author and Daily Caller columnist, joined Tucker Carlson on Fox News Friday night to discuss his new book on college radicalism called “No Campus for White Men.”

Carlson was acutely aware of the changing face of higher education in America. “In the last five years or so campuses seem to have been hit by a fever they haven’t experienced since the 1950s,” he said.

“Millions of students and professors have made far-left politics their only reason for being at school. The result is this: everybody gets a safe space expect for white men. They are hated and despised,” he continued, introducing Greer.

Greer lamented the state of campus politics today, pointing to a near complete takeover by the radical left. “Identity politics and victimhood culture have taken over higher education,” he explained. “More important in some ways is victimhood culture, where everyone competes to be the biggest victim.”

The problem, as Greer sees it, is the complete dominance of the leftist moral outlook on university campuses. “The reason that they do that is we assign moral status in the college moral culture that’s being created to who’s the bigger victim,” he explained, “If you’re privileged, that’s the worst thing you can be.”


Greer then explained what he feels is the total irrationality of the modern “privilege” ideology. “You can be the son of a poor coal miner from West Virginia and you’re privileged. And you can be the son of a wealthy multi-millionaire but African-American and you’re oppressed.”

The indoctrination about which Greer is concerned does not stop at the classroom door either. “When you have an English course, the fact that Shakespeare and John Milton are the primary writers that are studied in that course, that’s a problem because they’re white males.”

Tucker closed the interview by expressing his disbelief at the whole situation. “It’s just so bizarre, standing on this bucolic leafy campus in New England fall, sixty grand a year, none of them have jobs, and they’re angry.”