U.S. Border Security Nabs Refugees Trying To Sneak Into Canada

David Krayden Ottawa Bureau Chief
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U.S. border security guards and a local sheriff caught three Somali nationals trying to sneak across an open stretch of the U.S.-Canada border on Tuesday, according to CBC News.

The trio tried to cross from Pembina, North Dakota to Emerson, Manitoba in the dead of night and in frigid winter weather.

It is the first official report of a group of “asylum seekers” who are malcontent refugees in the U.S. trying to become refugees in Canada being apprehended.

According to a public affairs officer with the U.S. Customs and Border Protection, “it was extremely cold.”

Kris Grogan said customs only had to apprehend one man because the rest of his group were waiting at a gas station — apparently until he successfully crossed an open field and arrived in Canada. After being apprehended, the man identified himself and then ran away from authorities, after which a local sheriff and paramedics commenced a search.

They found the man and took him to a local hospital where he was examined and then released.

Though the three could have been imprisoned for illegally trying to cross the border, local police allowed a Pembina resident to provide temporary shelter instead. Sherali Shah gave the three breakfast, telling CBC News he thought the group’s leader may have had a heart attack. “I thought maybe he had a heart attack, you know, so that’s why they called the ambulance, so they took him to the hospital,” he said.

“They just said that they had the intention to get into Canada.”

Sherali agreed to get the three out of Pembina and back to Minneapolis, Minnesota where they had apparently started their journey.

“Refugee” crossings are becoming epidemic at remote Manitoba border crossings like this, with reports of asylum seekers getting severe frostbite as a result of their flights across barren, snowy and frigid prairie land.

This is the first time a group has been reportedly stopped since these border sprints first began in early January. When asked why they are risking injury and arrest in their journey, many of the cross-border refugees proclaim their distrust and fear of President Donald Trump and their objection to the temporary travel ban that has since been halted by the courts.

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