Kindergarten Boy Rushed To Hospital After Chewing On USED CONDOM On School Playground

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A kindergarten teacher at a public school in Florida found a five-year-old student chewing on a used condom on the school playground last week.

The incident occurred on Wednesday afternoon at St. Lucie Elementary School in Fort Pierce, Florida, according to a police report obtained by Treasure Coast Newspapers.

The boy had found the discarded condom strewn on the ground, witnesses told police.

Upon realizing what was happening, the St. Lucie Elementary teacher removed the used condom from the boy’s mouth.

St Lucie Elementary School via Google Maps

St Lucie Elementary School via Google Maps

School officials then contacted the boy’s mother.

She took her son to a local medical center. Doctors told her that her son would likely not be harmed by the incident.

“It’s pretty clear that someone was likely having sex there or near there” local police department spokesman Ed Cunningham told Treasure Coast Newspapers.

“This appears to be an isolated incident,” Cunningham added, “but if anyone sees people having sex in public or anything similar, they should call 911.”

A school security employee indicated that similarly disgusting items have shown up on the St. Lucie Elementary playground in the past.

Police say they are beefing up patrols in the vicinity of the school.

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