‘MAGA Dress’ Designer Speaks Out On ‘Peace And Love’ And Trump [VIDEO]

Ian Mason Contributor
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Andre Soriano, the fashion designer behind the Make America Great Again gown that set the Grammys red carpet ablaze Sunday, joined Monday’s “Fox and Friends” broadcast to discuss how he and singer Joy Villa became Donald Trump supporters.


Soriano, an immigrant from the Philippines, explained he and Villa’s creative process to host Steve Doocy.

“Joy, we have to make a statement,” he told the singer-songwriter, whose social media following and record sales have increased precipitously since the dress was unveiled. “We have to put America together and promote love.”

When co-host Ainsley Earhardt mentioned some had suggested the exercise was a ploy for publicity and record sales, Soriano was quick to dismiss the notion.

“Absolutely not,” he countered. “Her politics are about love. We both voted for President Trump.”

The fashion designer stressed that he was proud to have immigrated to this country legally in the 1980s and that, for him, “it’s an American Dream.”

“It’s a message all across the board. It’s about peace and love.”