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The Guy From ‘Scrubs’ And ‘Garden State’ Wants To Play Stephen Miller On SNL

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Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Billy Baldwin wants to play Eric Trump. Rosie O’Donnell wants to play President Trump‘s chief advisor Steve Bannon. And now Zach Braff wants to play Stephen Miller, Trump’s cocky senior White House policy advisor.


Braff would already have pretty decent material to sift through.

Miller hit the Sunday political talk show circuit this past weekend brimming with confidence. He appeared on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” ABC’s “This Week,” CBS’s “Face the Nation”and Fox News Sunday.

His performance review from Breitbart News was obviously positive. Their story said he struck an “aggressive tone towards the media.” Ann Coulter also enjoyed his presence: “STEPHEN MILLER ON GMA!!! MUST WATCH VIDEO! Isn’t it great to have someone smart defending Trump?”

Others (you know, journalists who aren’t in the pocket of the White House) might describe Miller’s Sunday TV talk show debut more as grossly obnoxious or sneering.

“I’m prepared to go on any show, anywhere, any time and repeat it and say the president of the United States is correct, 100 percent,” he defiantly told ABC’s George Stephanopoulos when asked about Trump’s claim that “millions” had voted illegally during the presidential election.

Maybe most importantly, Miller’s boss was pleased.

“Great job!” Trump clamored on Twitter.