David Axelrod Immediately Shifts from Flynn to Bannon [VIDEO]

Ian Mason Contributor
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When Obama White House Chief of Staff David Axelrod joined Don Lemon to give his take on the resignation of General Michael Flynn on CNN Monday night, he immediately tried to tie the allegations of impropriety to other Trump Administration officials.

With Flynn no longer in the West Wing, Axelrod shifted his attentions to White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon.


“You know a name that we haven’t heard mentioned tonight in all of these discussions, the name of Steve Bannon, who has taken a role on national security that is highly unusual for a person in his position,”Axelrod said without prompting.

Axelrod appealed to the widespread speculation among the political left that Mr. Bannon is playing an outsized role in the Trump Administration. “He obviously leverages great influence on issues of national security and one wonders if he’s gonna leverage even greater influence now with this turmoil.”

In Axelrod’s view, the White House’s woe’s over the Flynn resignation are far from over. “I don’t think the story ends tonight with General Flynn.” Referencing the famous Watergate-era line, he then proposed, “There is the question of ‘what did the President know and when did he know it?’”

Finally, the veteran Democratic strategist tried to link the failure of the Hillary Clinton campaign to the same communications that landed General Flynn in hot water.