CNN Celebrates American Migrant Camp Worker Who ‘Fell In Love’ With Illegal Immigrant [VIDEO]

Ian Mason Contributor

A CNN mini-documentary posted Tuesday, Valentine’s Day, titled “Love That Defies Borders,” tells the story of Carly Harris, a Mormon volunteer who claims to have fallen in love with a Moroccan migrant at the camp she worked in on a Greek island.

“I am Muslim and she is Mormon,” Soufiane El Yassami, the object of Carly’s affections, said, “Meeting her was the most incredible thing in my life.”


El Yassami was eventually arrested with a large group of other illegals and sent back to Morocco. It was then that Carly sought him out on Facebook and began to rekindle the friendship they’d begun in the camp. “It was like wow, she remember me,” El Yassami told CNN.

As the friendship blossomed into a romance online, her family back in America expressed some concern. “I just assumed that it probably wouldn’t ever come to anything,” Carly’s mother Mary Jo said, “I haven’t talked to Soufiane, but I do worry that he may be in this for the wrong reasons. He does want to get out of Morocco. He probably would love to come here and become a citizen. Of course it could just be someone who wants to live off of Carly for a while.”

Carly, however, would have none of her mother’s counsel. “For people who say he’s just using me to get citizenship, I just want to say, ‘Have one conversation with us,’” she tells viewers with a girlish chuckle.

El Yassami discussed his reasons for trying to enter Europe illegally. “I did leave Morocco to find a better life, to go to Europe like everyone from Africa,” he said. “Terrorists? No, they are refugees. They need help,” he appeals, vague as to from what exactly he seeks refuge.