Democrats Plan To Punish You For Supporting Trump


Bryan Crabtree Host, The Bryan Crabtree Show
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We clearly know how leftists with their notorious and incompetent attempts to solve problems usually make things much worse. Imagine if they were actually trying to damage the country!

They are.

With the resignation of General Michael Flynn as national security advisor for the Trump administration, you’d think that would be met with applause by Democrats. No! They’re telling us, “this isn’t over yet.”

When a Democrat lies to cover up their mistakes, they usually receive a promotion. When a Republican makes a similar mistake, Democrats believe they should be destroyed. Remember when Susan Rice made the Sunday-show tour of lies’ about the video being the reason four Americans died in BenghaziShe was promoted to UN ambassador. After cheating in the Democrat primary, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (D-FL) was promoted to a post in the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign.

I don’t disagree with Flynns resignation; he should haveHowever, I am less concerned about his inappropriate call to Russia during the transition-period and thus more worried about his lack of judgment given that the media was so rampant on an alleged Trump-Russia connection.

Even more concerning is the fact that there are political hacks leaking classified information to the media from within the intelligence community. Why is the mainstream media ignoring this security threat?

Any misstep by Trump or his closest advisers is going to be met with the most harsh and vicious ridicule we’ve seen of any politician in years. The expectation-level of performance for former President Obama was low. For President Trump, it’s nothing short of expected perfection.

Democrats have only one agenda. Their agenda is to punish this nation, and its people, so that our government and economy becomes incapacitated. Their hope is to detach themselves from the cause of this intended pain so they can leverage themselves back into power. They are not concerned about culture, poverty, upward-mobility, education race-relations, healthcare, crime or drug addiction. If those issues are to improve, it must be while they are in power.

They are willing to create any amount of social damage, governmental disruption or injury to the citizenry in order to be validated and vindicated. In other words, if you voted for Trump, you are going to pay.

Democrats are generally driven solely by emotion. They have given no logical to many of their policies/positions including the mid to long-term, negative consequences on them.

According to Rasmussen polling, the majority of our citizens agree with President Trump and approves of his performance thus far. However, most conservatives are not willing to engage in the conflict in order to silence the leftists distractions, hysteria and troublemaking.

The silent majority that effectively elected Trump have gone back to their shadows in silence.

We are on the brink of a disaster. An epic disruption stemming from economic catastrophe, terrorist attack, cultural collapse or even a war could occur while our government is in polarized in political turmoil.

Instead of focusing on finding bipartisan agreement and civil debate, Democrats seem engaged into the radical world of destroying anyone who affiliates or publicly approves of Trump.

There have been recent boycotts against Under Armour because it’s CEO make positive statements about Pres. Trump calling him “an asset.”  There’s a boycott effort against L.L. Bean because one of the fifty family members (with an ownership interest in the company) spoke positively, publicly, about Trump. The list keeps growing.

During the Atty. Gen. Jeff sessions confirmation hearings, South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott read a number of nasty tweets calling him “a disgrace to African-Americans,” ‘the N-word’ and “uncle Tom Scott” to name a few.

Why can we not simply disagree with each other and debate our logical positions without demeaning and abusing our opposition?

Regretfully, the answer is simple. Many Democrats have arrived at their beliefs because of a long pattern of avoiding reality and accountability. Their unfettered emotional platform has gone unchallenged for such a long time they have lost all ability to be cognitive, reasonable or logical.

It is my fear that the chaos is going to be so tremendous that the only choices will be the complete self-destruction (re: violence, anarchy, civil unrest, embarrassment) of liberals or Trump will completely fail. Republicans in our house and senate must support him or he will be doomed and so will our causes.

President Trump should be addressing the nation frequently to address our citizenry and to penetrate the clutter of fakenews, false outrage, emotional hysteria and a leftist media.

Patriotic Americans who desire was best for our country should resist anyone engaging in vile, violent and vicious rhetoric or actions by demanding the truth be told and that violent offenders be arrested.

Conservatism can prevail by focusing on helping people culturally, economically and socially. As more and more people begin to realize upward mobility and the American dream, Democrats’ desperation will be seen as nothing more than the deceit it is.

At times, we will question Trump and many in his administration.

We shouldn’t be focused on defeating the Democrats but more so on winning as a nation – which will effectively deliver the win by helping people who need it most.

Many Democrats simply want you to suffer as a Trump-supporter and they will stop at nothing to see that that happens.

We stop this anarchy by solving this country’s problems. We don’t punch first, but we counter punch harder then we get punched.

I’m worried for our future, not because of the Democrats’ false outrage, hysteria and deceit, or the pain they intend on bringing. My fear is the Republican Party, which has thus far has shown that it cannot support Trump unconditionally and forge legislation to repair the damage of the past decade.

Where is the legislation they promised us for delivering them the power of three branches of government?  If it were present, the fight would be over policy not people.