Hollywood’s Clueless Bolsheviks

Moses Apostaticus Freelance Writer
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Americans are used to seeing civil unrest, political violence, mass demonstrations and chaotic revolutions in faraway lands on our television screens. Often engineered to serve the interests of financial oligarchs, these color revolutions follow a fairly predictable format. It’s one that’s been applied now for at least a century, and key to carrying it out is the use of propaganda and the stirring up of mobs against a government targeted for regime change.

To our dismay, we are now seeing this very same pattern occur here in the homeland. Americans are being bombarded with propaganda against the president by the mainstream media and Hollywood celebrities, while shadowy forces work behind the scenes to orchestrate events.

Awards ceremonies now have become venues for political speeches and mass mobilization against the president. At the Screen Actors Guild Awards liberals were encouraged to punch those who disagree with them in the face. At the Golden Globes last month, Meryl Streep attacked President Trump as a privileged white male who picks on disabled people, claiming that the Hollywood elite belong to the ‘most vilified segment in American society’.

This is risible, and is such a ludicrous statement it could only be believed by someone thoroughly soaked in the cult of Western Marxist identity politics. You don’t get to claim special victim status when you’re worth 75 million, Meryl.

The Grammys this week continued the revolutionary agitprop against the president. Katy Perry, a postmodern Che Guevara in heels, dressed herself in a Hillary-style pantsuit with an armband telling the neo-Marxist faithful to PERSIST. The stage was bathed in the US Constitution while she did so. Katy is carrying on the long tradition of the anti-American left culturally appropriating the Constitution. Instead of dancing in front of it, she should read it. She would see that stirring up mobs because you lost an election isn’t mentioned.

The infantile taunting and calls to arms continued with Busta Rhymes and his proletarian posse calling the president ‘Agent Orange.’

These virtue-signaling Hollywood stars who are determined to foment a second civil war credit their beliefs to such revolutionary icons as John Lennon. That’s partly true. What they do not realize, however, is that their tactics resemble those employed by such revolutionary icons as Vladimir Lenin.

A century ago this year, Russia began a descent into madness and barbarism which lasted for the span of a human lifetime. Millions who were born around the time of the Russian revolution never got to live out the full extent of their years. They were made into corpses by a political regime soaked in the diabolical and hateful cult of Marxism-Leninism. Those who were not murdered were made into brutalized vassals of a tyrannical and fanatical elite who were convinced that the future was theirs and that they had the keys to utopia.

Russians before the revolution thought that such horrors were not possible. The promise of the Marxist utopia was so alluring that it justified all means to achieve it. Those who experienced the horrors of Stalin’s Russia afterwards were baffled by how such a system could ever have been introduced. By then it was too late.

The Bolshevik tyranny was the first of many Marxist regimes throughout the twentieth century that liquidated people by the millions in order to bring about utopia. The Marxist mentality, fanatically convinced that one group has wronged others throughout history, feels justified in any crime against those oppressors. For the Marxist, radical social engineering is required in order to right the wrongs of history and restore justice for the victims. In their blind minds this is how we make heaven here on earth, and it is always a path to hell.

When the thought criminals and dissidents, most of them certainly Christians, are lined up in front of the trenches, will you pull the trigger Katy Perry? Or will you, Meryl? What about you Busta? It’s hard to look glamorous when you’re covered in mud, blood and gore I guess. You’ll probably leave the dirty work to others.

Whether they realize it or not, these celebrity neo-Marxists are being deployed as part of a destabilization strategy against the president by the deep state. They serve the swamp. President Trump himself has referred to an ‘entrenched power structure’ that operates between Washington, New York and Los Angeles; this shadow government is becoming more apparent as it attempts to carry out a coup against the president.

This is the plan. This is why intelligence agencies are leaking the president’s phone calls to the media. This is why the media is now openly justifying lying against the president to remove him. And this is why the propaganda masters in Hollywood are orchestrating civil unrest for when the time is right for the mobs to be mobilized.

The democratic mask of the oligarchs has now slipped, and their machinations are revealed. Now that President Trump is taking on this permanent shadow government, they have doubled down. They have clearly decided that, rather than give up their unconstitutional power, they are willing to do away with the pretense of democracy.

When totalitarianism comes to America, it will come under the guise of diversity, tolerance, social justice and equality.

Lenin had a favored phrase for the Western intellectuals who so believed in Marx’s rhetorical visions that they covered up and defended Soviet crimes to Western audiences. He called them ‘useful idiots’. In our time, the useful idiots of Marxism are not intellectuals. They’re just idiots.