NAACP Leader Balks At Idea Of Congressional White Caucus [VIDEO]

Ian Mason Contributor
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Cornell William Brooks, President and CEO of the NAACP, was at loss for words Thursday night as former Reagan adviser Jeffrey Lord injected a hypothetical Congressional White Caucus into a debate on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360.

The racially charged exchange began during a discussion of President Trump having asked an African-American reporter from a black-focused new radio outlet if she knew the leadership of the Congressional Black Caucus.


“Frankly I used to think the Congressional Black Caucus, when it was first formed, was a good thing,” Lord began. “I changed my mind on this. I don’t think there should be any caucuses in the House of Representatives that are divided by race. I mean, heaven forbid, if David Duke got elected and wanted to form a Congressional White Caucus, that would be appalling,” he said, explaining his change of heart.

“Sir, Jeffrey, that is…I’m looking for a word here. Beyond…it’s completely preposterous. To compare the Klan to the Congressional Black Caucus,” Brooks smilingly replied, visibly upset by the analogy his fellow panelist drew.

“You would be okay with a Congressional White Caucus? Really?” Lord shot back, interrupting Brooks’ explanation of the Black Caucus’s purpose. “I didn’t say that,” was Brook’s immediate reply.

Not content with a mere explanation of the differences between the CBC and this hypothetical White Caucus, Brooks demanded an apology for the comparison. “Frankly, sir, you should apologize for even putting the Klan and the Congressional Black Caucus in the same sentence,” he told Lord.