Tim Carney Takes Media to Task On Trump Treatment [VIDEO]

Ian Mason Contributor
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Columnist Tim Carney of the Washington Examiner discussed the unique relationship of President Trump and the mainstream media with Chris Hayes on MSNBC Thursday.

Carney acknowledged Hayes assertion that Trump is not always entirely truthful when dealing with the press. “It’s true. All politicians, well, almost every politician lies. Politicians as a class lie. Donald Trump lies more and in a different and sometimes more baffling way than the average politician,” he said.


But Carney also pointed out that the constant sparring between Trump and reporters is a two-way street with slip-ups and deception on both sides. “What you were getting at there, that he’s fighting over the idea of the truth, I think he’s aided in that because the media, which messes up when covering every politician, messes up also different in degree when covering Donald Trump,” he told Hayes.

“When you look at the behavior of the media, the sobriety has been lacking in the coverage of Donald Trump,” Carney explained.

He then referred to several of the negative mainstream media headlines that have dogged the Trump White House since the inauguration, widely described by the conservative press as “fake news.” “We had a Muslim woman detained thanks to the Trump travel ban as a Time Magazine headline when she was detained in December, the MLK bus removed when it wasn’t…I could go on for the rest of the segment.”