Rove Cautions Trump Against Getting Hung Up On The Media — ‘The Bigger Problem Is…’ [VIDEO]

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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Karl Rove told Fox’s Chris Wallace on Sunday that President Donald Trump should stop focusing on the media and “fake news stories” and dedicate his time to creating a “narrative that is based on the reason why [he] got elected.”

“I think it was over-the-top and unnecessary and a furtherance of the administration’s bigger problem,” the Republican strategist said of Trump’s Friday press conference. “It is not the fake news stories. The bigger problem is that they do not have a narrative — Rush [Limbaugh] touched on this — they don’t have a narrative that is based on the reason why they got elected.”


“One-third of the American people thought that the country was going in the right direction, and they voted for Hillary Clinton,” he continued. “Two-thirds of the American people thought the country was off on the wrong track, and a majority of them voted for Donald Trump.”

Rove claimed Trump’s base “elected him because they want the economy to be stronger, to create more jobs and they want bigger paychecks.”

“To the degree he spends his time as he did in that Friday news conference — it was rock ’em sock ’em and he had a lot of fun, and he probably felt great after that — but what he missed was the opportunity to say to the American people I’m focused on jobs, growing our economy, making your paychecks better, making your community safer, making your future more prosperous for you and your kids.”

“A president has a brief period of time to create a narrative,” he explained. “And I am afraid by focusing so much on these leaks, as unfair as they may be, but he ought to be careful.”

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