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Afternoon Mirror: Journo Has Bad Dream About Breitbart News Cruise

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Quote of the Day:

“Delighted to announce I’ve just received a promotion. Appointed head of the Fake News desk today!”

Richard Leiby, WaPo










EXCLUSIVE: Journo has bad dream about Breitbart News cruise

“I had a really bad dream about the forthcoming cruise. It was all media and consulting types that Breitbart hates, the Breitbarters got off the boat, and left us on a 2 hour cash-bar booze cruise with signs that said ‘all profits go to Breitbart, you cucks’ with no escape.” — anonymous party attendee.

Attention everyone: Richard Grenell will not be at CPAC

Grenell, a media rabble-rouser and former aide to then-presidential hopeful Mitt Romney, was asked to speak but turned the conference down.

Washington reporter has a guardian angel who cleans 

“Um, do I have a secret admirer that sent me cleaning people? Someone’s been in my condo — nothing is missing and things are clean (floors, shower, sinks, etc.) the bed is made, shoes are put away, pillows fluffed. I’m very confused.” — Tim Wong, senior director, architecture, Gannett.

A quick question about presidential history 

“Has anyone ever been carried out of 1600 Penn. Ave. in an orange strait jacket?” — Edwin Chen, former federal communications director at the Natural Resources Defense Council and former chairman of the White House Correspondents’ Dinner.

A reporter spends the day in sweats 

“So, I managed to wear sweatpants the entire day. That means I’ve given up, right?” — Jim Oliphant, political correspondent, Reuters.

The Observer: Reporter says don’t trust someone who doesn’t know how to use a gun 

“Never trust anybody who doesn’t know how to use a gun, doesn’t watch sports or doesn’t eat meat. Those are not people you want to be friends with. After all, this is America.” — David Hookstead, sports writer, The Daily Caller.

Convo Between Two Journos: Let them eat cake! 

“I suddenly realized I want an entire cake. Could someone make that happen?” — Sonia Saraiya, TV critic, Variety.

“Personally, I want cookies.” — David Sims, senior associate editor, The Atlantic.

“I like those too but right now I want a cake.” — Sonia Saraiya.

And…life becomes hysteria 

“I cannot go anywhere without overhearing people saying the most horrible things about people I know and admire. Good people trying their best. Dial it the FUCK down people.” — Christian Josi.


“I hate DC.” — Patrick Howley, The American Prospect.

Another day, another Chris Christie fat joke 

“Always amazes me how my ultra-tolerant, PC liberal friends will instantly lapse into fat jokes the minute they hear Chris Christie’s name.” — Matt Bai, national political columnist, Yahoo! News.

Teen journo fooled into thinking George H. Bush died 

“Friend just texted me telling me Bush 41 died. Reconsidering her placement in my life bc friends don’t give friends heart attacks. #FakeNews” — CJ Pearson, teen journo who has freelanced for a variety of pubs including HuffPost.

About that press conference last week…

“Today’s presser will be studied forever as the 1st real-time, extended-play, public tour inside #Trump’s brain on a drug called ‘president.'” — Howard Fineman.

Overheard in the Newsroom

“Is Valentine’s today or tomorrow? I have milk that is going to spoil on Valentine’s Day so I was going to say I got spoiled on Valentine’s Day.” — Anonymous Jounro.

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