Just Who Needs The Lecture On ‘Islamophobia?’

Courtesy of Kevin Stankiewicz for The Lantern/Handout via REUTERS

David Krayden Ottawa Bureau Chief
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You can read all about the story on the front page of The Daily Caller.  Less than three months after they endured a terrorists attack from a fellow-student who apparently had received nothing but goodwill and encouragement from his peers, students at Ohio State University are being encouraged to endure another invasive assault on their sensibilities by attending a lecture on “Islamophobia.”

Just who needs the lecture here?  Apparently, it’s the dunderheads who organized this opportunity for students to be beaten over the head for their cultural insensitivity, racism, white privilege, microaggressions and yes, “Islamophobia,” who need some sage counsel.  They have know idea in hell why anyone would be concerned about radical Islamic extremism at a university where an al-Qaida-supporting terrorist named Abdul Artan drove his vehicle into an unsuspecting group of students and then proceeded to stab the shocked and innocent bystanders.

The Left has been warning anyone who will listen for the last year now that President Donald Trump represents some sort of modern-day Nazi reaction to the modern world and Americans have unthinkingly lapped up his rhetoric without ever thinking of the alleged totalitarian, paranoid and xenophobic impulses that he is cleverly but somehow subliminally inducing in the American body politic.

But let me suggest that it might well be the Left that is suffering from so much delusion and denial that it might warrant more than a month in rehab.

We have witnessed the bloody consequences of Islamic extremism now since 9-11.  We have observed the same terrorist scenarios repeatedly occurring in the name of the same extreme version of the Muslim faith:  across America,  in Paris, in Brussels, in Ottawa and of course the Middle East.  There are still those who maintain that these incidents are nothing more than isolate and perverted episodes; strange and obtruded events that have little in common except the level of violence.

Of course the ultimate irony of this mindset that the first people that radical Islamic extremists would target in a theocratic state or even under a strong regime of Sharia law would be the liberals and socialists with all their social policies that are anathema to a literal application of the Koran.

Now, the deniers are in full boom again, this time as apologists for the growing refugee problem that is plaguing Europe, is arriving in Canada and which could well engulf the United States if the left-wing media and courts are allowed to dictate immigration policy.  President Trump got it wrong about Sweden over the weekend — and that’s too bad, because he may have been incorrect in detailing an incident but he was deadly accurate in his assessment that Sweden is failing miserably at containing its expanding refugee quagmire.  With an open-border policy that cannot say no, it has been saying yes to anyone and the flood of refugees from the Muslim world are saying maybe not to any kind of assimilation.

Sweden has subsumed 650,000 so-called “asylum-seekers” during the past 15 years – including 163,000 in 2015.

They are segregating the new arrivals in quaint little villages that might be described as ghettos in concept only but are too clean and orderly to resemble in any way the connotation that most people have of that word.

Violent crime — read rape and armed robbery — has skyrocketed in liberal Sweden.  But whom does the government blame?  Organized crime of course!  Seems the Mafia has targeted the Swedes and so when anyone suggests that it might have something to do with the refugees, the denial is swift, angry and comprehensive.  Remember the rehab analogy:  ask an alcoholic why his life is in chaos, why he is broke, unemployed and living alone and he’s say it can’t have anything to do with the booze.

And you can only laugh at the Sweden’s official protest after Trump’s rally comments.  “What incident was this,” they demanded to know.  How could this uninformed president have passed on such “fake news.”  The fake news my friends is in the belief that liberal countries can import hundreds of thousands of refugees who do not want to assimilate or absorb the values of their host nation and that this won’t have a profound and dislocating impact on the people who already live there.

This is not “Islamophobic,” whatever in Hades that really means.  There are lots of Muslims who just want to be regular Americans with regular jobs and regular families.

And they’d be the first to tell you that they’re all not the same and to stop using a phony word like “Islamophobia” to stifle criticism — not of the ordinary Muslims but the quite extraordinary ones.

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