Kellyanne Tells Hugh Hewitt: ‘Congenital, Presumptive Obstruction And Negativity Is Very Concerning’ [VIDEO]

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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Kellyanne Conway told conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt Tuesday that Senate Democrats’ “congenital, presumptive obstruction and negativity is very concerning.”

Kellyanne Conway (Getty Images)

Kellyanne Conway (Getty Images)

The counselor to the President told Hewitt he is “right about the Democrats.”

“They’re obstructing regardless of who the individual is that’s being considered, regardless of the post that needs to be filled,” she continued, “and it’s very frustrating.

“You see a record number of cabinet nominees being obstructed, and they’ve attempted to humiliate them.”

Kellyanne Conway (Getty Images)

Kellyanne Conway (Getty Images)

“So far, all but one have gotten through,” she added. “It’s just, we need a government that functions.”

“We still don’t have the Commerce Secretary approved. We don’t have Agriculture. We don’t have HUD. We don’t have any number, and some of the others are new, just in the last week or so.”

You can listen to the entire interview below.


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