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MSNBC’s Mike Barnicle Is Balding And Out Of Touch With Reality

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Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Breitbart News‘ Tech Editor Milo Yiannopoulos has been splashing around the zeitgeist for at least a few years.

But somehow MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” liberal regular Mike Barnicle has been putting his brain on snooze.

“Six months ago did you even know who he was?” Barnicle asked CPAC Chairman Matt Schlapp Tuesday on “Morning Joe” dripping with an attitude of ‘THIS GUY IS A NOBODY. WHY ARE YOU EVEN BOTHERING?’

Schlapp said there were “boundaries” that were broken, which is why he scrapped Milo’s scheduled appearance this week at the annual conservative shit show out in National Harbor, Md. The boundaries involved videos that surfaced in which Milo discusses pedophilia, relationships between younger and older gay men and his belief that the age of sexual consent is rightfully 13.

Schlapp called Milo a b-word that Barnicle found absolutely deplorable. “He’s brave to stand up in those situations,” Schlapp said of the PC codes on college campuses. “…Whether we like it or not, he is a big voice in this movement.”

Moments later, Barnicle grilled Schlapp and came off like someone whose relationship with the world has been anaesthestized. Does Barnicle read? Does he ever he go online and surf the internet? Does he have ears? If so, he’d know who Milo was and not dismiss him as a nobody. The Mirror would argue that more people know of Milo’s presence on planet Earth than Barnicle’s.

“Hey Matt, six months ago, have you ever heard of this guy six months ago, juh ever hear of this him?” Barnicle asked as if Milo just emerged from nowhere.

“Yeah, I saw some of his videos throughout the presidential campaign and I had people in my family and friends of mine send me things that he said and so yeah, I was aware of him,” Schlapp replied.

Barnicle interrupted him with a dig before he could even finish: “Well, you’re in the minority.”

Actually, no, Barnicle.

It’s you who is in the minority.

You missed Bloomberg‘s profile on him in the fall of 2015. And another in Fusion in the same time frame. You also missed his well-publicized “gay party” at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland last summer. You missed his many “Dangerous Faggot” campus tours, where he caused havoc, one of which recently exploded into a ball of flames (yes, his talk there was canceled). You missed him calling then-presidential hopeful Donald Trump “Daddy” throughout the entire election. You missed him being banned from Twitter in the summer of 2016 after he mocked SNL‘s Leslie Jones for her appearance in Ghostbusters and for his belief that she looks like a man.  You missed the liberal website LGBTQ Nation naming him as their “Person of the Year.”

How dare you miss that last one.

It’s not that you should agree with Milo, Barnicle. But get with it. Claiming he’s a nobody, when it’s you who is unaware, makes you look grossly uniformed.

Barnicle continued with a veiled threat. “Look, we like you here. You’re a nice guy,” he said. “We’re going to give you a chance. You described a few minutes ago Milo Yighonnopoulos as being brave. You want to take that back?”

Where is here? A castle?

“Mike Barnicle sounding crazy on MSNBC,” remarked The Washington Examiner‘s media writer Eddie Scarry on Twitter this morning. “Offered CPAC chair ‘a chance’ to distance himself from M. Yiannopoulos. Like he’s his dad.”

First of all, nice pronunciation, Barnicle. Yes, it’s clear you have no idea who Milo is because you don’t even know how to say his name. And are you speaking for a program that isn’t yours? Are you speaking for everyone around the table, essentially threatening Schlapp that if he doesn’t agree with you or say precisely what you want that he won’t be welcomed back on the show?

Schlapp shot back, “No, I think when it comes to what he does on campus, you know, Mike, you and I have different politics but you have a right to be heard in America and you have a right to be heard on campus and it’s not fair on campus that voices on the left seem to be cherished and not from the right.”

Mid-answer, Barnicle spoke over Schlapp, saying, “That’s not true.”

Schlapp said Milo was going to be challenged on all his views on stage by a CPAC moderator.

But he said the videos concerning pedophilia just went too far.