Riots Break Out In Sweden TWO DAYS After Media Blasts Trump For Suggesting There’s A Problem [VIDEO]


Ian Mason Contributor

Riots, including cars set alight, stones thrown, and warning shots fired by police, broke out in the migrant-heavy suburbs of the Swedish capitol Stockholm Monday night, less than forty-eight hours after President Trump raised the alarm about “what’s happening in Sweden.”


Worldwide media and even the Swedish authorities spent a significant portion of the intervening time ridiculing the President over his comments.

His use of the phrase “last night” led to widespread speculation POTUS thought a specific terrorist attack had occurred Friday night, but was clarified by the White House to refer to a report on Fox New’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight” — also widely criticized by the media — about the problems Sweden is facing with the hundreds of thousands of migrants it has recently admitted.

According to The Washington Post, rioting began after police entered the majority Muslim area to arrest an offender. Groups of youths then began to gather and throw stones at the officers who felt enough in danger to fire live warning shots over the rioters’ heads.

Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet reported that at least two people, including a shopkeeper, had been beaten by the mob.