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Activists Put ‘Refugees Welcome’ Banner On Statue Of Liberty, Forget To List Their Home Addresses

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If you propose unfettered immigration to the United States, if you don’t think there should be any laws limiting it, then answer this: Where are all those people going to live? If you really mean what you say, you should be prepared to clean out your spare room or fold out your couch. If you want them all to stay here, fine, they can stay here. With you.

Just kidding! Liberals don’t actually believe the things they say. They just like stoking their own egos by pulling cheap stunts like the following. Rafi Schwartz, Fusion:

Activists in New York City unfurled a massive banner across the base of the Statue of Liberty on Tuesday. The message, while perhaps lacking the lyricism of Emma Lazarus’ iconic “New Colossus,” could hardly be misinterpreted…

Tuesday’s act of protest comes in the midst of President Trump’s ongoing efforts to crack down on immigrant communities in the United States. On Tuesday, the White House issued guidelines stating clearly that the vast majority of the undocumented immigrant population is now at risk of deportation.

“Undocumented.” The language always fascinates me. If you can’t win an argument, just change the terms. That’s all it is to be a U.S. citizen: a document. If you go through the process of coming to this country and becoming a citizen legally, it’s just a piece of paper. It doesn’t really mean anything. You haven’t really done anything. You’re no different than all the people who don’t bother with those silly laws and rules.

These liars just hate the word “illegal,” because they think laws should only apply to their enemies.

Here’s the stupid banner, courtesy of the anonymous activists who put it up:

Click on that tweet, scroll down the thread, and weep for the state of journalism in 2017.

In case that gets deleted for whatever reason, here’s the pic:

Let me finish that thought for ’em: