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MTV News Has A ‘Reporter’ Who Protests Against Trump


Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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MTV News has officially branded itself with an anti-President Trump agenda.

Their “senior political corespondent” Ana Marie Cox announced the news Wednesday morning on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” when she admitted that she takes part in anti-Trump protests.

Cox has never hidden her hatred of Trump.

But if MTV really wants to cater to all its viewers, wouldn’t they want their political reporter covering protests and not participating in them? No matter who is president, journalistic principles still apply — right?

As reported by The American Mirror, while answering Trump’s claim that protestors are paid, Cox said, “I haven’t gotten my check yet.”

During the presidential election, Cox was passionately anti-Trump.

So was her outlet, MTV News. MTV was originally owned by CBS, but is now under the umbrella of Viacom News Network since the CBS-Viacom merger. Kurt Loder was among the original MTV News reporters back in the late 80s. He’s a Libertarian who was formerly editor of Rolling Stone. He has contributed to Reason Mag, Esquire and TIME. He calls Viacom the “evil empire.”

In late December the site ran “2017 Resolutions For White Guys” just in time to ring in the new year. “Hey, white guys,” MTV published on Twitter, “we came up [with] some New Year’s resolutions for you.”

In an interview last November, Cox said it was the women and people of color would save this country. [RELATED: Another Day, Another MSNBC Panel PMS’ing Over The Daily Caller’s White House Coverage]

“I mean, women and people of color are going to save this nation basically, like, because we’re the ones that are immune to the call of this, you know, schizophrenic, you know, psychopath bigot,” she said on MSNBC.

Except, like, she was wrong and Trump obviously won.

And now Cox is out in the streets protesting, er, reporting.