O’Keefe To Release Footage From Inside Newsrooms ‘WikiLeaks Style’

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Justin Caruso Contributor
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Conservative activist James O’Keefe has now promised to release footage from mainstream media newsrooms “in the next 48 hours.”

On Sean Hannity’s radio show, O’Keefe said he has obtained “hundreds of hours of tape from within the establishment media,” adding that people from inside newsrooms have come to him with footage to release “WikiLeaks style,” through his Project Veritas YouTube channel.

O’Keefe revealed he might have footage on “the one [Trump is] always targeting,” presumably meaning CNN.

The Project Veritas Twitter account also tweeted an article that indicated O’Keefe’s next target is CNN, saying they “may be on to something”:

O’Keefe has talked about this before, indicting last month that his next target would be the media.

Project Veritas has recently had a number of successful stings, having exposed a plot by leftists in DC to put stink bombs at the “Deploraball” inauguration event last monthexposing alleged voter fraud in New York City, and exposing the Clinton campaign’s connections to people who incite violence at Trump rallies.

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