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Now The NYT Has A New Slogan Too

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Speaking truth to power took a nice long snooze between, oh, around 2009-2016. But now it’s back in a big way. Yesterday the Washington Post unveiled a new slogan, apparently written by Bruce Wayne: “Democracy Dies in Darkness.” Not to be outdone, their comrades up north have come up with some great new branding of their own. Get this: Now they care about the truth!

This is replacing the slogan they’ve used for the past eight years: “Shut up, racists.”

I guess it’s a good sign that they admit they didn’t really care about the truth until now. Admitting the problem is half the battle. Now if they can just stop printing so many falsehoods, falling for obvious hoaxes, employing Democratic Party operatives as reporters, etc., maybe they’ll start winning our trust back.

Let’s hear it for the NYT’s newfound respect for the truth. Better late than never!