None Dare Call It Treason

John Linder Former Congressman
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When candidate Donald Trump warned his followers that there would be efforts to “rig” the election he was universally ridiculed and scorned. The media arm of the Democrat Party insisted that there was no evidence of voter fraud over the last many elections. President Obama lectured that the thousands of voting locations and election observers made the claim just plain wrong.

In the final presidential debate Trump was asked if he was prepared to accept the results of the vote count on November 8. Trump said he would wait and see, which horrified Mrs. Clinton. She spent the next 19 days insisting that Trump was willing to destroy democracy.

The disclosure last August that the Russians hacked the Democrat National Committee merely exposed the fact that the Democrat primary was rigged for Hillary and cost Debbie Wasserman-Schultz her job as chair of the DNC. Who cares?

My how times have changed. After Clinton’s loss it appears that a lot of people care. It is now axiomatic that the election was “rigged.” Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook said last week that Russia could have cost Mrs. Clinton the White House. In the campaign in Atlanta for DNC chair it was a given that the presidential election was rigged and there was general consensus on impeaching President Trump.

Do you have any idea how silly this is?

Let me stipulate that Russia did what they could to disrupt our election. They have been doing that for 70 years. They do it in democracies elsewhere.

The United States tries to influence elections in other nations too. Obama campaign operatives and U.S. State Department grants tried to defeat Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu last year. Our CIA has been dabbling in the current election in France.

Indeed, Ukraine tried to help Mrs. Clinton last year. They failed to get her elected, but succeeded in getting Paul Manafort removed from the Trump campaign.

The Russians also supposedly hacked Clinton Campaign Chairman John Podesta’s emails and released a lot of embarrassing communications among prominent Democrats.

This may go down as the most visionary foray into politics in history. First, they had to arrange for a person on Clinton’s tech team to tell Podesta to change his password on a phishing template. Podesta changed his password from the cryptic “password” to something equally befuddling while handing over his new password and 50,000 emails.

Then they released the emails so cleverly that they persuaded the voters in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania to give Trump just enough votes to win the electoral college while at the same time persuading voters in southern California and New York City to give Clinton a landslide so she would win the popular vote.

My guess is that the Podesta hack was an inside job that embarrassed some operatives, but the Democrats and their media arm do not want to know the truth because they are too invested in the narrative that Trump is soft on Russia and risking World War III.

Think about that. Clinton’s contribution to Russian diplomacy was giving them a plastic reset button and 20 percent of our uranium in exchange for tens of millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation. President Obama then compensated for his timidity over the red line in Syria by handing the Middle East over to Putin.

And we are told that Trump is soft on Russia.

This is not going to go away. It is time to ask how far they are willing to go to undermine Trump’s victory and in so doing undermine America.

A phone call between President Trump’s choice for National Security Advisor and the Russian ambassador was tapped. It is a felony to disclose the name of the American or the details of the call both of which appeared in the Washington Post. How did they get that?

President Trump’s phone calls with the Mexican President and Australian Prime Minister ended up in the public domain. How did that happen? Reuters reports that there are three separate FBI investigations into Team Trump’s contacts with Russians. How do they know?

Treason – NOUN: The crime of betraying one’s country, especially by attempting to kill the sovereign or overthrow the government.

Polygraphing is a routine procedure in the intelligence community. Some of this classified information, that is now public, was known only by a very few. The Department of Justice should polygraph them and bring them before a grand jury. This is treason and someone needs to go to jail.

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