Oakland, USA 2017: 55-Year-Old Man Viciously Stomped To Death, Robbed Of $1.14

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Police in Oakland, California have arrested two men for viciously beating and stomping a third man to death in a public park and robbing the dead man of $1.14.

The murdered man was 55-year-old Phillip Fai Low, according to the East Bay Times.

The two men arrested for killing Low are Jabari Jones, 19, and Breshawn Clark, 18.

Prosecutors identified the murder scene as Lowell Park, a slab of green space in crime-ridden West Oakland.

Witnesses saw Jones punching and kicking Low at Lowell Park in the wee hours of Wednesday morning, an Oakland police officer wrote in a probable cause statement obtained by Bay Area television station KRON-TV.

Jones returned with Clark to stomp repeatedly on Low, and to steal $1.14 from him, the probable cause statement says.

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Jones and Clark then returned a third time to beat him some more, the probable cause statement says. This time, the pair placed Low inside a shopping cart and then threw him into collected puddles of water.

The beatings and various other shenanigans occurred between midnight and 8 a.m., police estimate.

A 12-year-old child eventually saw Low’s lifeless body while walking to school on Wednesday morning.

Paramedics who arrived at Lowell Park pronounced Low dead.

The police investigation was a quick one. Police had arrested Jones and Clark by Wednesday afternoon, KRON-TV reports.

Jones faces murder charges for punching and stomping on Low.

Clark faces murder charges for assisting Jones by pushing Low into the puddles, and for generally abetting Jones.

Jones and Clark are friends, according to the East Bay Times. They were familiar with Low as someone in the neighborhood.

Charges were brought Friday.

Jones and Clark are being held without bail.

They are scheduled to enter pleas on March 20.

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