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Oregon Bakers Who Lost Everything For Exercising Their Religious Beliefs Finally Get Their Day In Court

REUTERS/Gary Cameron

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Aaron and Melissa Klein are the couple in Gresham, OR who made national news when they refused to participate in a same-sex wedding because it’s against their religious beliefs. I used to think that’s what the First Amendment was all about, but the state of Oregon disagreed. The Kleins were ordered to pay their “victims” $135,000, and they’ve since folded the business.

Now they’re getting their day in court. KGW, Portland:

The owners of a Gresham bakery who in 2013 refused to make a wedding cake for a same-sex couple faced the Oregon Court of Appeals on Thursday afternoon…

During the hearing, an attorney representing the Kleins and an attorney representing BOLI each argued their case for 15 minutes. Judges will not issue a ruling Thursday.

Here are Melissa and Aaron Klein speaking to reporters after the hearing:

If you’re a liberal and you’re having trouble finding any sympathy for these people, try this: Imagine they’re Muslims. Imagine that a Muslim couple lost everything they had, just for exercising their religious beliefs in the United States of America.


(Hat tip: Twitchy)