Leftist Students Physically Assault Conservative Scholar, Professor Over Speech

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Scott Greer Contributor
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American Enterprise Institute scholar Charles Murray and a Middlebury College professor were both assaulted by left-wing demonstrators Thursday night following a disrupted talk by the conservative researcher at the Vermont-based school.

Murray was being escorted off university grounds by Middlebury professor Allison Stanger when the pair were greeted by an angry mob of around 30 demonstrators — some of whom were masked, the Vermont newsweekly Seven Days reported.

Stanger suffered neck injuries during the mob’s assault after she had her hair pulled while trying to get Murray in his car. She’s now having to wearing a neck brace after the assault.

Murray’s vehicle was attacked once he got inside of it, with protesters jumping up on the car and banging on its windows. The mob managed to place a cement-based stop sign in front of the car in an attempt to block it from moving, according to Seven Days. (RELATED: Angry Students Disrupt Conservative Scholar’s Speech At Middlebury College)

However, Murray was able to drive away from the violent mob without being harmed.

School officials condemned the violence of the anti-Murray demonstrators Friday and called them a “mob” who created a “very, very dangerous situation.” “The demonstrators were trying to block Mr. Murray and Professor Stanger’s way out of the building and to the car,” Middlebury College spokesman Bill Burger told Seven Days. “It became a pushing and shoving match, with the officers trying to protect those two people from demonstrators — and it became violent.”

Prior to the violence, Murray’s scheduled talk was disrupted by demonstrators who chanted and shouted for several minutes to prevent him from discussing his 2012 book, “Coming Apart,” and how its analysis of the white-working class explains the rise of Donald Trump.

Demonstrators considered Murray a “white supremacist” for co-writing the 1994 book, “The Bell Curve,” which connected genetics with socioeconomic outcomes.

The AEI scholar was eventually forced to deliver his remarks via livestream video from a private room thanks to the demonstrators.

Middlebury officials have vowed to investigate the actions of the violent mob and prosecute those were engaging in criminal behavior.

Besides being attacked by a mob for his views, the Associated Press smeared the self-declared libertarian Murray as a “white nationalist” in its report of the incident, which he is not.

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