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Let’s Take A Moment To Empathize With Our Friends At The IRS

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If you love the Internal Revenue Service as much as I love the Internal Revenue Service, then you should be very very worried about what President Trump wants to do to the agency. We know that’s how we should feel because the New York Times says so.

Alan Rappeport, NYT:

President Trump has a rocky history with the Internal Revenue Service, which he has complained audits him with unfair ferocity. Now he wants to significantly cut the tax agency’s funding at a time when it has already been bleeding staff and struggling to keep up with a flood of returns ahead of Tax Day…

“This is an agency that has had every last drop squeezed out of it,” said Dennis J. Ventry Jr., a member of the I.R.S. advisory council and a law professor at the University of California, Davis. “I don’t know how it’s going to sustain itself.”

Right? Every day, all over this great nation, people close their eyes and clasp their hands and pray for the wellbeing of the IRS. It’s a privilege to serve them. All our money belongs to them, and we’re grateful that they let us keep some of it.

Leave the IRS alone, President Trump!

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Jim Treacher