Washington Post: You Can Enjoy A Warm Winter And Still Be Good Enviro


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The Washington Post says you can still be a good environmentalist while enjoying the warm weather supposedly driven by global warming.

WaPo published an article Thursday entitled “You can care about climate change and still enjoy freakishly warm winter days.” It notes that the month of February was unseasonably warm in Washington, D.C., but says feeling bad about it isn’t a productive way to fight global warming.

“The next time it is 70 degrees in February or 80 degrees in March, if you’re feeling unsettled, consider redirecting that energy toward researching ways to reduce your carbon footprint, educating your social network about climate change or advocating for the solutions you believe in most fervently,” Jason Samenow, WaPo’s weather editor, says in the article. “And you can do it with a smile on your face soaking in the warm winter sun.”

Samenow worries, however, that a warm February could “have seriously negative consequences for the ski industry” as well as increase the number of insect pests in the spring. The article notes that D.C.’s warmest February temperature on record was actually set in 1930, well before the modern global warming trend.

“But feeling sad about it, while well-intended, is not necessary,” continues the article. “Occasionally warm winter days are fortunate aspects of our climate, and their increase is one of few positive effects of climate change. As they’re destined to continue, we may well as well enjoy them while working purposefully toward climate change solutions.”

A study published in the science journal Nature last April found that “virtually all American are now experiencing the much milder winters they prefer” partially due to global warming.

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