Canadian Public Safety Minister Claims Border Laws Are Enforced

David Krayden Ottawa Bureau Chief
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Canadian Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale on Saturday made the claim that the Trudeau government is enforcing the border laws — a claim he made while standing at the border where hundreds of illegals cross from the U.S. to Canada every week.

Despite his claim, Goodale promised the local volunteer fire department another $30,000 to deal with the refugee crisis, CTV News reported.

Goodale was in Emerson, Manitoba, the isolated prairie border town that has become a flashpoint for illegal refugees, dubbed “asylum seekers.” Local authorities emphasized the increasing friction in the community as illegals come across the border and are not sent back.

Goodale attempted to argue that though the would-be refugees are crossing illegally, they shouldn’t be considered illegals because “Charges in relation to the crossing of the border cannot be laid until after the case of the particular individual under immigration rules has been finally disposed of,” he said.

In addition, the minister promised more “resources” would be sent to the town as he thanked local politicians and border control agents for being in place — and apparently enforcing the border laws.

“We all need to work together. We have to have good communication with one another. This is a set of issues that span national, provincial and local responsibilities,” Goodale told reporters without once acknowledging that Canada has not sent one illegal back to the U.S.

“The key thing is to make sure that our agencies on the ground… have the resources necessary to do the job. At the moment, they are properly resourced, but we are monitoring that very carefully as we go forward.”

Goodale said the federal government would help fund the Emerson volunteer fire department as part of its efforts to deal with the refugee crisis, announcing $30,000 to cover extra costs associated with the influx of “asylum seekers.”

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the Canada Border Services Agency have moved personnel to southern Manitoba and have even opened up a trailer as a makeshift border crossing to process the illegals.

Some of the “refugees” are still reporting that they think they will be deported from the U.S. because of President Donald Trump’s temporary travel freeze that has been halted by the courts.

Under the terms of the Canada-United States Safe Third Country Agreement, the illegals can be sent back to the U.S. if they try to cross at an official border crossing and have already been classified as refugees there.

The agreement doesn’t apply to unofficial border crossings.

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