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Mag Says Haters Are Trying To Ruin Biden Family Sunshine

Reuters/Bryan Woolston

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Good times are raging at the Bidens.

Singalongs by the campfire. Dancing Cosby style in the family room.

No, not really.

But the Bidens are trying to present a united family front that they couldn’t be more thrilled that ex-VP Joe Biden‘s son, Hunter Biden, has found love with Hallie Biden, his dead brother’s widow.

Refinery 29, an entertainment mag that bills itself as a “modern woman’s destination for how to live a stylish, well-rounded life,” is spewing some funky thoughts. It reports that Hunter finding love with his brother’s widow isn’t strange at all. In fact, they say, it happens “often,” despite citing any real statistics. The story quotes two so-called experts: 1) a couples and sex therapist and 2) a licensed psychotherapist who specializes in grief.

REUTERS/Bryan Woolston: Hallie and Beau Biden pictured above with ex-Veep Joe Biden.

The pub insists that “haters” are trying to stomp on the Biden family’s first glimmer of happiness in a loooong time.

Beau Biden died in May of 2015 of brain cancer. That same year, Hunter and his wife, Kathleen, separated.

Divorce docs indicate that life within the Biden clan hasn’t exactly been bursting with happiness — hookers, debt, a custody fight over the children and cocaine put a little damper on all that.

According to NYP‘s “Page Six,” the gossip column that first broke the story, Hunter has been getting busy with Hallie for about a year. Which puts their budding romance somewhere in the arena of February 2016 — approximately 10 months after Beau’s death.

The couple only recently discussed their relationship publicly, with ex-VP Biden and his wife, Jill, giving the relationship their blessings.

“Amid the well-wishes from his family, there were a few people on the internet who couldn’t help giving their unsolicited advice, suggesting that they ‘see a shrink in the future’ or making jokes about ‘keeping it in the family,'” wrote Refinery 29‘s Cory Stieg. “Passing judgment about someone’s relationship is wrong no matter what the circumstances are, but it’s particularly troubling to think about the fact that haters have no qualms speaking out when the Bidens finally have some good news.”

Why is an entertainment mag telling a reader what’s right and wrong? Why is an entertainment writer acting as the Biden family spokesperson and telling readers how they should react to the Biden’s “good news” about the living brother dating the dead one’s widow?

Stieg tells us about the only thing that really matters here:

“At the end of the day, in a scenario like the Bidens’, the only thing that really matters is that they have love and support. ‘I think it’s beautiful that there are two people who feel a connection, love, and bond — you can’t get in the way of those emotions,’ Dr. [Kristen] Zeising says.”