U.S. Nears 1000 Syrian Refugees Admitted Since Trump Took Office

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The U.S. has admitted almost 1,000 Syrian refugees since President Donald Trump took office.

Since January 20, 969 Syrian refugees have been resettled in the country, according to data from the State Department’s Refugee Processing Center. California leads all states with 90 Syrian refugees admitted in that time, followed by Michigan with 88 and Texas with 81.

President Trump is expected to announce a new executive order Monday restricting entry into the U.S. from certain terror-prone countries, after the original order was blocked in the courts.

The first order temporarily barred from entry citizens of seven terror-prone countries, blocked all refugee admissions for 120 days and suspended indefinitely the admission of Syrian refugees.

Despite assertions to the contrary from the judges who blocked the order, at least 72 convicted terrorists have come from the seven countries affected by Trump’s first travel ban, including Abdul Razak Ali Arta, the Somali refugee who drove his car into a group of pedestrians before attacking students with a butcher knife. (RELATED: DHS Knew OSU Attacker Was Terror Recruitment Target, Let Him Into The U.S. Anyway)

As of Friday, 4,355 total refugees have been admitted into the country since the executive order was blocked. (RELATED: Trump Is No Fan Of Refugees, But It’s Hillary Country That Gets Saddled With Them)

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