Conservative MP Says Arrest Refugees As Soon As They Cross Border

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David Krayden Ottawa Bureau Chief
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The Trudeau cabinet is expected to discuss the escalating refugee crisis at the Canada-U.S. border Tuesday — but Conservative Party of Canada leadership candidate and Ontario Member of Parliament Kellie Leitch doesn’t expect much more than discussion to come from the high level meetings, despite the crisis.

Leitch, a former labor minister in the previous Conservative government, has a suggestion for the government: “As soon as they get across the border, arrest them,” she said.

“It’s very obvious that the Liberals have no plan to deal with illegal refugees,” Leitch told The Daily Caller Monday. “The promised a plan in November. There was no plan. They promised again in December and January. Now it’s March and there’s no plan, only talk.”

Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale was talking on the weekend. He went to Emerson, Manitoba on Saturday to survey the isolated Prairie border town that has been a flashpoint for illegals ignoring official crossings and to offer $30,000 to the local volunteer fire department — ostensibly to process illegals.

Not only did Goodale claim that the “law is being enforced,” he suggested their was no way that border guards could arrest the illegals:

“Charges in relation to the crossing of the border cannot be laid until after the case of the particular individual under immigration rules has been finally disposed of,” he said.

That left Leitch and many Canadians shaking their heads as to what he was attempting to say.

“That is complete nonsense. Goodale’s double-talk is unacceptable and avoids stating the obvious that these people need to be sent back to the U.S,” she said.

On Sunday the union president who represents border security guards described the Canada-U.S. border as “Swiss cheese” because it contained so many holes. Border security guards, RCMP and immigration officials are in a panic over more refugees coming across the border as the season transforms to spring, bringing warmer weather. They will present a series of scenarios to the cabinet on Tuesday. There are also concerns that President Donald Trump’s revised travel restriction, released Monday, will prompt more “refugees” to cross the border from the U.S. and make the false claim that Trump would deport them.

But Leitch insists the refugee crisis can’t be blamed on the U.S. “I don’t know if it really has anything to do with U.S. policy. This is about bad Canadian policy from a government that refuses to follow the rules of engagement. This is completely unfair for real refugees and immigrant who follow the rules and who now find they have people jumping in front of them in the line,” she said.

Even the Liberal government may be forced to admit that other factors are at work in the refugee crisis.

Two government officials have told The Canadian Press that many of the “asylum seekers” arriving at the Quebec border have American visas issued at the U.S. Embassy in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

After interviewing the detainees, they revealed that they obtained the visas to use the U.S. as a transit point in order to sneak into Canada and claim asylum. They had planned their refugee ruse long before Trump won the presidential election in November.

The officials spoke off the record.

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