Ellison: Trump’s Travel Ban Is ‘Irrational’ And ‘Mean’ [VIDEO]

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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Keith Ellison called Donald Trump’s latest executive order on immigration “irrational” and “mean” during a Tuesday morning interview on MSNBC.

Ellison, the recently elected deputy chairman of the Democratic National Committee, told host Mika Brzezinski that while Trump’s order “doesn’t ban every Muslim in the world … all the people who are banned are banned because they are Muslim.”


“If you look at the countries where people who committed acts of terrorism in the United States come from, those people are not — those countries are not on the list.”

“It’s an irrational list,” the Minnesota Democrat continued. “It’s a mean list, and just let me say this. In Minneapolis, we are very proud of our Somali-American community.”

“They are making, starting businesses, running for office,” Ellison added. “Somalia is going through a massive drought and a famine, and those people could be banned from getting relief through coming to the U.S.”

“This ban, this is inhumane, and it’s cruel and wrong.”

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