MSNBC Analyst Called Anti-Obama Republicans ‘Un-American,’ But Anti-Trump Democrats ‘Give [Her] Hope’ [VIDEO]

Mike Raust Video Editor
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Joan Walsh, a liberal MSNBC analyst who supported Hillary Clinton in the primaries and general election, had this to say in 2009 about the Republicans who opposed Obama at every turn:

“The climate right now is that Republicans use everything they can to undermine and delegitimize this president, and it’s actually un-American. It’s traitorous in my opinion. Do you want to give aid and comfort to our enemies? Continue to treat this president like he wasn’t elected and he doesn’t know what he’s doing.”

Imagine how easily the word “Republicans” could be replaced with “Democrats” in that statement to describe the current U.S. political atmosphere.

However, Joan Walsh is singing a different tune now, endorsing Trump opposition, the White House leaks, and insinuations of Trump-Russia ties, without ever voicing the possibility these factors might also “give aid and comfort to our enemies.”

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