Krauthammer: WikiLeaks’ CIA Dump ‘Is Worse Than Snowden’ [VIDEO]

Christian Datoc Audience Development Manager

Charles Krauthammer cautioned against glorrifying WikiLeaks’ “Vault7” dump on Fox News Tuesday, calling the release of CIA intelligence gathering “methods” “worse than Snowden.”


“I can see how it can open up a hall of mirrors about cloaking and disguising the so-called attacks on our democratic system,” the conservative pundit stated. “The real story is, I think, this is worse than Snowden.”

“It’s one thing to disclose names and places and even operations, but once you are describing the sources and methods, that’s the key to what we do.”

Krauthammer joked that given the amount of time America spends vetting immigrants, the intelligence community could stand to vet contractors, like Snowden and WikiLeaks’ sources, prior to giving them access to our nation’s secrets.

“This I think is our greatest weakness.”

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