POLL: America Split On Allegations Obama Admin. Wiretapped Trump Tower

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Christian Datoc Audience Development Manager

The past two days have have been dominated by allegations that the Obama administration surveilled Trump Tower during the 2016 election, allegations on which the latest Rasmussen poll shows the nation has split right down the middle.

Of the 1,000 likely voters Rasmussen polled from March 6-7, two days after President Trump made his wiretapping accusations, 44 percent said they believe it’s “likely” Trump Tower was being surveilled.

Donald Trump, Barack Obama (Getty Images)

Donald Trump, Barack Obama (Getty Images)

Twenty-six percent additionally answered they believe it’s “very likely” the Trump’s campaign was under watch. (RELATED: POLL — Will Trump Keep His Promises As President)

Conversely, 53 percent called Trump’s allegations “unlikely” to be true, of which 40 percent called it “very unlikely.”

Rasmussen’s poll carried a three-point margin of error, and the results closely mimic those of Rasmussen’s latest Daily Presidential Tracking Poll.

On Wednesday, 49 percent of survey participants approved of Trump’s performance in the Oval Office, while 51 percent disapproved.

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