Student Government Demands Public University Resist Immigration Laws

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Scott Greer Contributor
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The student government association of Appalachian State University (ASU) demanded on Tuesday the public college become a “sanctuary campus” and refuse to comply with federal immigration law in order to combat President Donald Trump’s promises to crackdown on illegal aliens.

“In light of our national political circumstances, the Howard/Dawson [the names of the SGA’s president and vice president] Administration of the Student Government Association believe it is vital to remind our campus community about Appalachian State University’s commitment to diversity–the need to foster a climate that is grounded in equity and inclusion,” the student body’s statement read.

The statement, approved by SGA President Jalyn Howard and Vice President Kendrick Dawson, said that Trump’s promise to revoke Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) — which he has not fulfilled — and “his promise to deport two to three million undocumented immigrants” would harm ASU students.

According to ASU’s SGA, student leaders are obligated to “protect” their community members from this “discriminatory and invasive federal measure.” (RELATED: Why Hasn’t Trump Followed Through On His Promise To Get Rid Of The H1B Visa And DACA Programs?)

“In order to assure this, we call upon the Board of Trustees, our Chancellor and the general administration to declare Appalachian State University a sanctuary campus immediately,” the statement declared in bold type.

As part of this act to “resist” Trump, ASU’s SGA proposes that the school bar Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers from campus, refuse to share student information for the purpose of deportation, issue a statement showing support for illegal immigrants, provide free legal help for illegal immigrants and other measures that force the public university to not follow federal law.

One conservative ASU student, who wished to remain anonymous due to prior threats to him from leftists, told The Daily Caller the statement is utterly ridiculous and “an obvious attempt at breaking federal immigration laws by people currently paid by this publicly funded university.”

“I completely disagree with the SGA’s request to enact sanctuary campus policies here, although I’m not surprised by it. I’m worried for the quality of my future education and receiving of Federal Financial Aid. Their willingness to break federal law jeopardized that federal funding,” the student told TheDC.

“Our immigration laws are in place for a reason. I believe this group of college students, who are supposed to be the voice of our student body, believe they have the ability to circumvent those laws, which they do not and should not have,” he added.

Several American universities have seen similar calls for their schools to turn into sanctuary campuses in light of President Trump’s actions and promises on immigration.

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