Progressive Strategy Memo Shows Dems Have No Idea How Trump Won

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Progressive political action group Priorities USA published an anti-Trump strategy memo Friday advising Democrats to attack Trump on his political statements and his close connections to Wall Street, a line of attack that failed during the 2016 presidential election.

The memo heavily references an internal poll taken by GarinHartYang Research Group and the strategy memo was created by Global Strategy Group. The poll revealed that President Donald Trump has a 42 percent approval rating, but further, only 47 percent of respondents disapprove of the job Trump is doing so far.

“Trump is vulnerable on the economy because voters believe he looks out for the interests of the wealthy and corporations, and progressives must leverage that to show how his economic policies are failing regular people,” the memo asserted.

“Progressives must prioritize connecting the dots between Trump’s economic policies and the impact they have on regular people.”

Additionally, the memo attacked Trump’s “personal character,” and urged politicians to hammer Trump on that front. “Voters are hearing negative things about Trump’s temperament and leadership style, as well as his personal character and integrity,” the poll revealed.

The memo suggested that Democrats attempt to tie that distrust with Trump’s economic agenda in an attempt to chip away at the conservative base.

Both 2016 Democratic presidential nominees, Hillary Clinton and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, used Trump’s comments about women during the course of the election. The final ad released by the Clinton campaign was just several minutes of Trump’s own comments.

Overall, Democratic ad campaigns were less policy-oriented than the Trump campaigns, and voters noticed the difference, according to a report from Reason.

The memo essentially urges politicians to use the same strategies that against Trump that failed so miserably in the 2016 election cycle.

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